Friday, July 9, 2010

I do not appreciate

being talked down to. I'm pretty sure I have learned enough in my life to pick my words correctly. So don't try and correct me when I know what I'm doing; I have a Father, and it isn't you. If I didn't know what I was doing, I wouldn't say it. I'm not one to look like a fool.

Have you ever found a song you just can't stop listening to? I've had a song on repeat every time I come onto the computer the past three days. I don't know why. I barely even listen in, because I'm usually typing, but it stays on repeat and inspires me a lot to write. I like songs that inspire. I like inspiration in general.

Most of the time I'm looking inspiration photography because I enjoy taking pictures, but don't have the drive to go out and find something and make it better than the eye perceives it to be. So, looking up other photographers photos help me get out my artistic itch. Sometimes they actually just get me into the mood to go outside my house and just snap pictures for hours. I could live doing that, but I'm not ever going near that as a career, just a hobby.

Hmmm, this was interesting. Very jumpy and all over the place.

Oh well, life goes on I suppose.

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