Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's quite ridiculous

that I, a seventeen year old teenager in high school, have to deal with irrational people that are extremely older than I. By bombarding me with stress, in a time like Summer, is completely ridiculous.

I've resorted to locking myself in my room, reading a book, and shutting off the world for hours at a time to get through the day. I shouldn't have to do this, but my surroundings demand it, apparently. I just can't comprehend the maturity level that I have to deal with in my own home; it's unbearable. And then I get yelled at for wanting to do what I want to do, god forbid I go out, since I'm working five days a week, I think I enjoy a bit of a good time once in awhile, you know?

I miss Nadia. She's having a baller-ass time in Minn. while I'm stuck here. Getting by is a daily phrase nowadays; that's all.

Oh well, live goes on I suppose.

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