Thursday, July 29, 2010


I tossed and turned attempted to get a good-night's-rest last night, only to fail.

But while attempting this action, I thought long and hard about what was going on yesterday and how things were happening around me.

1) I hate girls that have such low self-esteem that they constanstly crave your compliments by posting sites such as Formspring, then get beaten down by strangers and have an even lower self-esteem. Just stop.
2)People that constantly Facebook IM me when I'm either doing research or trying to blow off some steam by listening to music. Stop.
3)A spin-off of number two: if I don't talk to you now, in the midst of summer, I probably don't want to talk to you in school. I basically cut communication with people that don't matter to me anymore and I can't learn from. And yeah, there's that bullshit quote about how everyone matters and you can learn from their experiences. But that isn't reality. I'm pretty sure I've gone through thirty times more worse things than ninety-eight percent of the population in Jefferson, therefore I do not need to associate with you. And guess what? I bet you don't know half the stuff I go through.
4)Remember that really random post? Maybeeee last Thursday or Friday? That's what I'm talking about.
5)People that say one thing and can't explain themselves makes me so angry. I've actually broken up with someone over this because if you can't comprehend your own thoughts why do I even bother? It's a nuisance, honestly.
6)Girls that use a semicolon as an artsy piece of punctuation for their Facebook status'. Enough said.

I find it awesome that I just wrote all of this. I have so much more, but I'd rather save it for another day and make all of my blogs interesting, instead of just one :)

Side note- ...
I went to go write that, then knew it was wayyyy too mean. I'm stopping now.

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